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Waitlist Information

At this time, we are no longer accepting reservations. However, when necessary, we have a waitlist. Wait times do vary and depending on guest traffic and party size. Typically, wait times are 15-30, (sometimes longer) and typically begins between 5pm-8pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Sundays, 5-close. Parties of 6 or more, may be a longer wait as we make table arrangements.

*As Rocking V Cafe is one of three full-service restaurants open on Sunday in Kanab, waitlist times can reach 1-2 hours.*

Please understand that we aim serving all guests for a dine-in experience and sometimes may be limited by the guest traffic, servers availability, and seating capacity. Ideally, guests enjoy their meals and promptly leave the tables to be cleaned and reset for upcoming guests on our waitlist. In some situations, the “flow” is disrupted and we must wait 15 minutes for those guests notified that a table is ready. We close at 9:30p and depending on the guest traffic and waitlist time, we may need to stop adding folks to the waitlist. Because we close at 9:30, we will seat people up to that time.

Information we’ll need for our waitlist: Either come in or go to the Link below. Add your name, party size and your phone number, (we cannot accept international numbers). We will send you a text message, confirming that you are on our waitlist. When a table is ready, we will send another text. We will hold the table for 15 minutes. Once 15 minutes have lapsed, we will seat the next party in our waitlist.

To Join the Rocking V Cafe waitlist, use our Waitlist Widget below.

Please watch for incoming text messages once you have confirmed you and your party are on our waitlist.

WHY the change? Kanab has 4 million visitors per year (national and international). We acknowledge, implementing a waitlist (when necessary) from reservations is a change in a long-time practice for Rocking V Cafe. With a reservation, it guarantees a seat for guests. However, due to changes in plans or other circumstances, guests missed their reservations. Changing to a waitlist, we believe we can potentially fulfill dining demands of the many hungry guests wanting a “Rocking” meal.

Information we’ll need for Take-Out orders when you call the cafe: First Name and last initial, # of people you’re ordering for, any modifications/omissions for your order, your choice of side (where applicable), do you need utensils?, paying with Visa, MC, AmEx or cash, and your phone number with area code so we can call you when your order is ready. Please remember that our food is cooked to order and times vary according to how busy we are. We will advise you before you order if wait times are exceeding 30-45 minutes, or if a Take-out order is possible.

Sundays & Mondays are particularly busy and waits are not unusual. Hold times & busy signals on phone calls can also be common during periods of heavy call activity.

In some situations we may suspend take-out ordering so that dine-in orders can be made first.

THANKS for your adaptability & SUPPORT in these crazy times

Location 97 West Center Street
Kanab, Utah 84741

USA, America

Full Liquor License
(Utah law requires food served with alcohol)
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We do not accept reservations (waitlist on day of visit only).

We Love Pets!
(We welcome pets at our outdoor patio)