If you want a table TODAY – Call the Cafe! For any reservation in the future (not today) – Please fill out the quiz below:

  1. We are CLOSED Tuesdays & Wednesdays.
    This means we are not open, in other words: no-can-do on reservation requests for dates that fall on Tuesdays &/or Wednesdays. (Except during some HOLIDAY periods and if we are open, it will say that, somewhere on this website). So please consult the stars, your phone, biblical tablets, young children who look smart or as a last resort: a calendar and make sure you’re not asking for a Tuesday or Wednesday reservation
  2. For Same Day Reservations: PLEASE CALL the Cafe @ 435.644.8001
    This means: If you wake up Friday morning (or any other day we’re open) and decide you want a great meal for lunch or dinner @ The V, CALL US!
    Why? Because the reservation monkey (pictured below) carries her phone in her space suit but is taking care of guests and can not check the phone every 3.96 seconds to see if a reservation has just been requested, as talking on or checking the phone while in the presence of guests in an interstellar no-no!
    AND NOW, on with our regular programming:

You ARE our favorite guest-to-be of ALL TIME, so we want you to know that you are SPECIAL… just like everyone else! (NO, you do not get a trophy.) Because you ARE special (& your specialness is fading, otherwise we would have left the word “special” in CAPS), we need to get your info so we can “get you in the book.”Please fill out the form completely or you’ll quickly transit from getting IN the book, to, getting the book thrown AT you.

We will send you a confirmation e-mail that either:

a) tells you we love you & your reservation IS confirmed because you’re a good girl or boy and you gave us all the info we needed (you get a cookie!)

b) castigates you for not following our clear & explicit instructifications

WARNING: DO NOT FORGET ABOUT DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME which is in place from early March to early November

What this means to YOU:

If you are traveling to Kanab (which is in Utah) from anywhere in NEVADA (think: Vegas) or anywhere in ARIZONA (think Phoenix, Flagstaff, in or near the Grand Canyon)

We are 1 hour LATER than where you just came from, so adjust your reservation time request accordingly, por favor. Merci 

  • (this means first AND last name…nicknames or fake names like "Mr. Elephant Jumbotron III” are perfectly acceptable, as long as we have a first AND  last)
  • (with an area or country code and the number should be of the phone you will have with you, as opposed to, say,your home phone)
  • (preferably in the same year you make the request, however we will work with those of you who like to plan far in advance)
    Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
  • (a solid number would be good, as we can not set a table for “6, maybe 10, we’re not really sure”)
  • THIS is important.  Below is a short list of things we DON'T do:
  • 1) “ish” - ”we’ll be there about eight thirty-ish” 2) “between” - “we ought to be arriving between 9 & 10” 3) “around” - “thinking, by the time we stop for gas and stop again to pee and stop again for selfies at the World’s Largest Potato, we’ll be there around 6:30"  4) “it depends” - “it depends on, if our friends, who got lost, can find their way here from Phoenix, or were they coming from Salt Lake?, and if they’re still hungry” 5) “our GPS says…” - “so we’re at the South Rim, our GPS says there’s a bridge* across the Grand Canyon, so we’ll take that shortcut and be in for dinner at  7:45) *[and BTW, there IS a “bridge" across the Grand Canyon at Phantom Ranch, a foot bridge]
  • (so if you leave your credit card, or your purse or your glasses or your $975 leather jacket….we can get in touch to return it!)
  • (help us help you help us…….YOU truly ARE SPECIAL, so let us know if you: * are a repeat offender (we mean that is a good way….you have been our guest before? YAY!)  * can’t go upstairs  * need a high chair  * would like a certain table  * are celebrating something that will cause us to throw confetti high into the air  * need wheelchair access  * have specific food allergies
  • FINALLY: PLEASE CALL US If you’re going to be late.

    We’ll try as best we can, to adjust your reservation and get you a table at a later time. We are painfully aware of the limited cell service in the Great American West, so plan ahead.   If we do not hear from you and you show up late, that’s a different story. Not calling  AND not showing up, gets you a lifetime ban and makes you a huge target for the Karma Dump Truck which has tires that are 20 feet wide and 60 feet tall.  The dump truck has no backup beeper so you’ll never hear it coming.   Just sayin’.   Thanks for taking the TEST!   We’ll get back to you soon to let you know your score.   ROCK ON!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
OPEN Thurs - Mon
11:30a - 8:30p
CLOSED Tue & Wed